Invest and earn with electric micromobility multiverse
Join a rapidly growing business in a promising market that is already setting records. Leave all management to us and enjoy 50–75% of the monthly profits.
Truly flexible investment terms
Customize your investments by choosing different amounts, vehicles, and cities.
Up to 100% annual revenue
Get a full return on investment (ROI) in even less than a year.
Strongly growing trendy market
In 2022, electric vehicle sharing saw a 40% growth in registrations and rides.
Electric micromobility becoming a solid standard for modern cities
Traditional mobility: is becoming burdensome
Traffic jams and parking woes
Endless gridlock, wasted hours, and frayed nerves. Traffic jams and parking war have become a daily nightmare for cities.
Heavy emissions
Cars are responsible for a staggering 90% of noxious emissions in large cities, rapidly spinning the wheel of global warming.
Long wait, long walk
Public transport overcrowding drains your energy and walking isnot a viable alternative due to the long distances.
Micromobility: is helping to prevent urban collapse
Hassle-free on-demand transport
People are no longer interested in spending time and money on their personal cars. Thus, sharing has become the best solution.
Environmental friendly
Electric vehicle sharing is increasingly popular among people and has become a standard service for progressive cities.
Supported by state regulators
Governments are paving the way for micromobility to flourish by creating supportive legal frameworks and infrastructure.
The market is already promising for investment
Cities around the world are adopting greener and smarter transportation solutions. Sharing electric vehicles are quickly becoming the go-to choice for urban dwellers, creating a vast market for investors like you.
Shared micromobility market expected growth
by PS Market Research
Next 10 years e-sharing market will grow by 14.5% per year
up to 70% urban population
uses micromobility sharing daily, according to
+61% rides growth per year
according to
Why beats competitors
Technological trendsetter
We are developing our own hardware and software to support the entire ecosystem.
Payment diversification
From pay per minute and ride packages to long-term and subscription models.
Strong business model
Our model generates target net returns in both small campuses and major capitals.
Flexible operating model
We combine in-house operations with a franchise fleet manager program.
User experience at the head
UX is central to our development and business processes. We prioritize this goal in our global strategy.
Making successful city partnerships
Providing user safety and nature friendly service
Fighting with traditional mobility pains
Building seamless multi-vehicle movements
We have shown a 15-fold increase in gross profit over the past 3 years
We are rapidly growing sustainable electric vehicle ecosystem
We strive to expand our horizons by leveraging electric transportation as a foundation for other profitable ventures. This ambitious approach positions our company as a most promising player in the market.
Multimodal electric vehicles sharing service
We combine different modes of transport to create seamless urban mobility. Additionally, we provide a vehicle strategy to drive asset efficiency and reduce costs
E-Cars — soon!
Our own fleet management system
We have developed our own FMS that allows us to manage all sharing operations on one screen and react quickly.
End user mobile apps
The Electra mobile app is the main brain of our service — users have all the information right at their fingertips.
10 000 users
have registered in our mobile app
1 300 vehicles
under the Electra brand riding worldwide
6 cities
in Europe are connected with our sharing service
120 000 rents
are made by our users last year
Our core is built on sharing, but our true approach is a multiverse
Charging stations
We are expanding publicly accessible charging stations that cater to all types of electric vehicles, from e-scooters to Teslas (hey, Elon!).
Each of our stations is equipped with fast charging technology.
Online shop
We sell a diverse range of electric vehicles and accessories at wholesale prices. Providing worldwide delivery and warranty support.
We proudly partner with top electric brands like Segway, NIU, SuperSocco, and more.
Electric vehicles maintenance
We are developing a network of electric vehicle service stations where we repair and upgrade bicycles, scooters, mopeds, and electric cars.
Food delivery services
We have a special offer for delivery services, allowing them to use Electra vehicles for long-term deliveries at favorable prices.
This significantly reduces the expenses of delivery services on transport maintenance.
is helping to prevent urban collapse big step
As a final significant step, we plan to launch the production of electric vehicles under the Electra brand.
This will greatly accelerate the payback by reducing the cost of each unit of transportation.
Receive a full return on investment within a single year and enjoy a consistent 50% share of the monthly profits generated from your initial investment
Flexible investment opportunities
We adhere to a personalized approach for each investor, which is why we create investment conditions individually for each one.
You will have the opportunity to invest in Electra globally or choose specific cities and types of transportation to invest in.
Basic conditions
Minimal fleet size — 50 vehicles
Our experts will help you calculate the ideal size of the fleet for your area. We can also handle a smaller fleet size on an individual basis.
10% average month ROI
Your investments will generate an average profit of 10% each month.
Payments every month
You will receive payments on your investments every two weeks.
You are the owner
Once you invest in vehicles, you become a rightful owner of a portion of the Electra fleet.
And here are specific examples
Investing up to €100,000
We divide the profit from your investments according to the 50/50 scheme. For example, €100,000 will generate €10,000 profits monthly, so you earn 50% of it — €5,000 a month.
Investing over €100,000
We will split the profits from your investments according to the 25/75 (75% for the investor) scheme before you receive a full return on investment. After that, we divide the profit according to the 50/50 scheme.
Equity investment support for launching in big cities
We are interested in partnering with you to invest in launching a share in major key cities with a budget of €1,000,000 or more. Please get in touch with us to discuss the details of a large-scale micromobility deployment.
Lets discuss and create the best investment conditions for you
Electra NFT platform
Invest in the future and earn beyond traditional markets with us
Our Electra NFTs represent income-generating sharing vehicles. You can choose your investment type and receive annual returns ranging from 4% to 100%.
Invest from $200
Ensure a sustainable, safe and greener future with us
We strive to make people happier and cities cleaner and safer for live in. We can make tomorrow better by changing the way we approach urban traffic today.
It is our goal to reduce the human carbon footprint as much as possible by constantly improving all processes of our business.
We carefully select suppliers whose equipment fully meets safety and reliability requirements. Every Electra vehicle comes with a helmet that you can use for free.
Our app makes it easy to navigate across any city. Upon opening the app, riders are immediately directed to the closest available vehicle.
Take a small step that will bring huge earnings
Let's schedule a meeting at your convenience to discuss the possibilities of investing in the Electra Ecosystem.
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