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Explore the city
in an
Hop on our electric
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and have fun going anywhere
Bring Electra to your city and earn!
Launch your own e-sharing fleet with ready-made software
and expert support at every stage, from deployment to operation.
Electric vehicles sharing
for new wave citizens like you!
We believe that sharing is the key to cities of the future — with clean air, easy traffic and people (not cars) at the heart of it all.
Pollution free
eco-friendly travel
Free float! Take the and leave it anywhere
No maintenance or fuel expenses
Dive into a traffic jam joy
Whether its daily work-home routine or evening
journeys — just make it fun, fast and easy.
Choose today's yourself
Get to work during traffic jams
Buy flowers and visit Grandma!
Ride along the beach with the evening breeze
Go out of town and have a picnic
Get to the other side of the city fast
Bring a surprise-pizza to your friends!
Get to your destination faster and cheaper
A 20 minute drive in the city during rush hour is:
slow and boring
3 km, €1
expensive and polluting
6 km, €10.8
cheap, fast & fun
14 km, €4
One app — many ways to drive
Electra is thousands of fresh brand new vehicles and no one old, battered and scuffed ones.
We make it safe for you
Each Electra vehicle comes with a helmet, mopeds have two
18+, driving license required
From €0.22/min
45 kph top speed
100 km range
2 person
Ride in:
From €0.15/min
25 kph top speed
100 km range (semi-electric mode)
1 person
From €0.15/min
25 kph top speed
70 km range
1 person
18+, driving license required
E-Cars — soon!
From €0.25/min
45 kph top speed
100 km range
2 person
Easier than it looks
Many people think that sharing vehicles is difficult.
We prove that this is not the case.
1. Download the app
Add your name, phone number & bank card details.
To rent E-Mopeds, also add your ID, driver's license and selfie.
2. Find your
There’s always one next to you! Find it on the map and book it free for 15 minutes.
3. Scan and start
Start your ride by scanning the QR-code on the vehicle with the app on your phone.
4. Ride everywhere
Wear a helmet and ride anywhere you want, just keep an eye on the charge level.
5. Park it easily
All you need to do is leave the Electra in the parking area on the map. If you find a green zone, you're in luck! Get a discount on parking here!
Connecting countries, regions and people
Travel more than just around
Feel free to explore! You can ride anywhere, and the only thing to remember is parking area.
Take your in a few minutes
Fun fact: Electra users reach the nearest vehicle in an average of 3 minutes.
Ride now:
Ride now:
Ride now:
Electra is the first service offering shared electric mopeds throughout Cyprus
Ride now:
Pay as you go, subscribe, or get a smart pass
The final per minute price depends on the city and the types of vehicles available.
Pay per minute
Just book a vehicle, scan the QR-code and ride it from €0.19/min. Pause your trip for €0.1/min
Subscribe for €5/month and get cheaper per minute pricing — from €0.15/min
Top-up packages
Choose one of our profitable top-up packages and get from €1 to €35 for free right to your balance!
Get a passsssss
Get smart sharing pass and feel the real savings.
1 day
its €0.41/hour
2 hours
its €0.125/min
8 hours
its €2.37/hour
3 days
its €17/day
7 days
its €14/day
24/7 human support
We work around the clock to support you.
Just chat us anytime you have a question.
average response time is 5 min
is more than just sharing
You just need our app and an account to rent, or buy, charge, maintain and repair your own vehicle.
Fast charging stations
Universal fast vehicle-chargers for cities. Suitable for any electric transport.
Vehicles online-store
Buy your own personal electric vehicle at a very competitive price.
Vehicle service and repair stations
Fast and cheap maintenance of your electric vehicle by our experienced specialists.
We strive to make people happier and cities cleaner and safer for live in. We can make tomorrow better by changing the way we approach urban traffic today.
It is our goal to reduce the human carbon footprint as much as possible by constantly improving all processes of our business.
We design our vehicles with safety and reliability guiding our approach. Every Electra vehicle comes with a helmet that you can use for free.
Our app makes it easy to navigate across any city. Upon opening the app, riders are immediately directed to the closest available vehicle.
1,300 vehicles
across the Electra fleet in 3 countries & 5 cities
20 times
our riders have gone round the world
160 kilometers
is the longest ever Electra journey
20 tons of CO2
emissions saved every month
The only key is your phone
Just download the Electra App on your phone and reserve vehicles close to you.
Still got a question?
Feel free to ask us anything
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