Meet the
new Electra
in town


Now live
in Cyprus and Portugal

Get ready to hop on our high performance, state of the art electric moped delivering a riding experience second to none, and rip through the city with effortless speed and control. Whether for leisure or for errands, going places has never felt so good.

All signed up?
Prepare yourself
in 3 easy steps:

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    Download the Electra app and sign-up
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    Upload driver license and ID
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    Get ready to take our e-moped for a spin and to rediscover your city

Wanting more? Here are
a few specs on our newest family member

  • On the streets of cities in Cyprus and Portugal
  • Instant torque giving you power in a heartbeat. 4,0 seconds from 0-45km/h
  • 80 km on a single charge - making every
    part of town easy to reach
  • With us you ride climate-neutral and ride
    for the future.
  • Built to meet the diverse terrain demands
    of cities, our high-performance suspension conquer cobblestones with ease.